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Logistics are far-reaching activities that have a significant economic impact on supply chain of firms. It typically include inbound and outbound transportation, materials handling and management of 3PL service providers….

Warehouses are an essential operational part of supporting a company’s supply chain strategy. They are usually the nodes in a supply chain network and they greatly influence service levels and the costs of the network….

Effective procurement requires the utilization of sound business application that maximize value to the organization through the acquisition of goods and services in an optimize way. It is the process of obtaining product and services from suppliers…..

Tools and Technology in the field of supply chain has led the way to make company’s supply chain activities more efficient. With technology businesses are able to monitor activities of warehouse, inventory, transportation etc. with real time information….

Keth Oliver first coined the ‘Supply Chain Management’ (SCM) term. We have many supply chain models that fits the business need of firm….

Let’s explore the flow of RM, WIP, FG and MRO in supply chain. Inventory turnover is the prim source of revenue generation that why it keeps a separate place in the supply chain….

Major cost of supply chain is associated with transportation. overall lead time is very affected by the transportation. Accomplish your transportation for services rather than profit…. 

Technology replaced the traditional vertical integration of supply chain into virtual integration. It has shown a new picture of supply chain…..

Demand Planning makes a difference in the functionality of supply chain and efficiency between industries….

The process of acquire goods or services to accomplish the organizational goals. It’s a part of wider procurement process…..

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