Plato’s Gorgias is a critique of rhetoric and sophistic oratory, where he makes the point that not only is it not a proper form of art, but the use of rhetoric and oratory can often be harmful and malicious. Can you write a dialogue by Plato where instead he criticizes the use of autoregressive language models?


Socrates: My friend, I am troubled by the recent rise of these so-called autoregressive language models.

Aristotle: What do you mean, Socrates?

Socrates: I mean that these models are being used to generate text that appears to be written by humans, but is in fact produced by machines.

Aristotle: And what is the problem with that?

Socrates: The problem is that these models are being used to deceive people, to manipulate them, and to control them.

The response above has been truncated for length.



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