5. JDA SCM (Blue Yonder Luminate Planning)

About JDA SCM :

  • Luminate Planning from Blue Yonder headquartered in Scottsdale (formerly JDA Software Group) leverages a digital twin foundation to intelligently predict potential problems and opportunities, offer machine learning-based recommendations for action, and pivot production, inventory, and labor plans to minimize risk. It is an SCM platform that supports demand planning and inventory optimization, as well as production planning and supply network design, and replenishment.

Product and Services :

  • Supply Chain Planning and Supply Chain Execution
  • Order Fulfillment Management Features
  • Omni-Channel Commerce
  • Demand Management Features

Supply Chain Planning

(1) Demand Planning (2) Merchandise Financial Planning (3) Inventory Optimization (4) Allocation & Replenishment (5) Network Design (6) Production Planning (7) Sales & Operations Planning and Execution (8) Supply Planning

Floor Management

(1) Space & Floor Planning (2) Store Execution (3) Workforce Management (4) Work Orders Management (5) Scheduling of work orders

Supply Chain Execution

(1) Luminate Logistics Overview (2) Transportation Management (3) Warehouse Management (4) Logistics Network Modeling (5) Labor Management (6) Warehouse Tasking (7) Vendor location mapping

Omni-Channel Commerce

(1) Luminate Commerce Overview (2) Assortment Management (3) Inventory & Order Management (4) Lifecycle Pricing (5) Merchandise Operations

Alternatives :

  • SAP Integrated Business Planning and Oracle SCM Cloud
  • Logility Voyager, SAP SCM
  • Salesforce Partner Management