1. E2 Open

About E2 Open :

  • E2Open offers the Channel Shaping Intelligent Application Suite (formerly Zyme), a partner relationship management (PRM) software solution acquired by E2open to add channel management/indirect sales, inventory, and demand capabilities to its supply chain management offerings.

Product and Services :

  • Supply Chain Planning Features, Procurement Management Features
  • Order Fulfillment Management Features
  • Logistics and Transportation Management Features
  • Demand Management Features

Supply Chain Planning Features

(1) Custom Alerts (2) Scenario-based planning (3) Supply forecasting (4) Capacity estimation (5) Supply network coordination (6) Efficient Distribution Plan

Procurement Management Features

(1) Raw material sourcing (2) Supply market analysis

Order Fulfillment Management Features

(1) Order fulfillment optimization (2) Purchase order tracking (3) Supplier delivery scheduling

Demand Management Features

(1) Demand signal sensing (2) Demand forecasting (3) Customer analytics (4) Inventory stock optimization (5) Sales and operations planning

Logistics and Transportation Management Features

(1) Shipping Performance

Additional Features

(1) Global Trade & Logistics (2) Collaborative Manufacturing (3) Channel Shaping

Alternatives :

  • SAP Ariba Procurement, SAP SCM
  • Blue Yonder Luminate Planning (JDA SCM)
  • Logility Voyager, Oracle SCM
  • Salesforce Partner Management